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flickr. com/photographs/chasingfun/151479749/in/photolist-5vbS4n-e6nQix-eonDP-aJVtL-769hV6-73LfAV-95vZVa-69pcgr-7V2uo4-7V5NvL-7V5Nfj-dy8sUj-oFqPeb-7Hdeyj-42GDC-e6nQLx-4dqCxM-7V5Myo-9TQPZ-e6tuaN-7V5KxG-7V5K3A-7V2uQ8-7V5KfJ-7V2v5i-csXWvs-6afRXs-5dCQ3-42GEA-7V2uAX-7V2w14-7V5NMd-csYeY3-7V2zh4-7V5N1j-7V2x9n-7V2wRP-7V2xtx-7V5LjN-7V2y2e-mgWZM-dFeeEx-audoPd-md3d1-5XMFJp-mgV8S-bHUde-7AuNHJ-r6Mh1P-5XRWow) made use of under a CC BY-NC-SA two. license (https://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-nc-sa/two. /)Figure fifteen. 21. Fertility Goddess (Chalcolithic, Cypress, 3000-2500 BC) Limestone by Dave and Margie Hill (https://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/File:GettyVilla-Selection(5304799159). jpg) applied under a CC BY-SA 2.

license (https://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-sa/2. /deed. en)Figure fifteen. 24. Friedrich Nietzsche (circa 1875) by by F. Hartmann in Basel, scan by Anton (2005) (https://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/File:Nietzsche187a. jpg) is in the general public domain. Table fifteen. three.

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“What Design and style of Costume is Acceptable for Girls in Community?” by Mansoor Moaddel (http://mevs. org/documents/tmp/TunisiaFinalReport. pdf) used below PEW Research Center’s Use Coverage (http://www. pewresearch. org/about/use-plan/)Figure fifteen. twenty five. The Shaman by Temari 09 ( https://www. flickr. com/images/34053291@N05/3293379585/in/photolist-622r1D-5QrmbZ-5VLNTL-fchCni-dWBsDx-eeyPTf-9WH8pw-5QvCS9-fFXvP-4uwzex-9Z48g6-dCL7uT-5L4cPZ-5UF1uK-rUweQe-eethg8-9Ua7DF-5wssAX-fo8vBn-6SVey1-8TWSFh-9GfoMi-4BBZXw-8vivMs-fiQ5wC-7Qer3j-dmQEum-5QrkV2-dPNQnh-5QvCAh-4uwzjD-B2qpAV-agvMky-4nLTHT-ac2pJs-61GfQ9-5Qr3rP-agvMkm-BAnvkj-5CSDvt-5QvjTb-7QaY1c-ac2pJo-aiLHfH-4uAB61-dPNQe5-5QvCqQ-dmQDZJ-5Qr3t4-9GfwaZ) applied underneath CC BY-NC-ND two.

license (https://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2. /). Figure fifteen. 26. Bob Marley by Monosnaps (https://www. flickr. com/pictures/dubpics/5619834259/in/album-72157626374515435/) used beneath CC BY-NC-SA 2. license ( https://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2. /)Figure 15. 27.

David Woroniecki with Sign by Saraware (https://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/File:DavidWoronieckiWithSign. jpg) made use of less than CC by 3. license (https://creativecommons. org/licenses/by/3. /deed. en)Figure fifteen. 28. Descent of the Modernists, E. J.

Pace, Christian Cartoons, 1922 by E. J. Speed, with modifications by Luinfana (https://add. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/DescentoftheModernists,E. J. Tempo,ChristianCartoons,1922. png) utilised less than General public Area Mark one.

(https://creativecommons. org/publicdomain/mark/one. /)Figure fifteen. 29. Ladies protesting for the duration of Iranian Revolution in 1979 by Khabar (https://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/File:IranianRevolutionWomen. jpg) is in the public domain. Figure 15. thirty. The Sati of Ramabai, Spouse of Madhavrao Peshwa by Anonymous (https://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/File:TheSatiofRamabai. jpg) is in the community area. Determine fifteen. 31. Galileo Galilei by Ottavio Leoni (1623) (https://commons. wikimedia. org/wiki/GalileoGalilei#/media/File:Galileobyleoni.

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